Our Story

Written By : Melissa Booker (Owner/Founder)

I had never thought of doing anything like this, but GOD led me into this gift and it is truly rewarding and beautiful.

In May, 2008, my best friend’s brother was graduating from high school and we decided to throw a graduation party at my house for him. We talked about the food we were going to prepare and I volunteered to do the fruit. Watermelon, grapes, strawberries, lemons and orange were the fruits I chose to use. I can recall sitting at the kitchen table and staring at the watermelon for quite some time. “What can I do with this?” was my thought. Suddenly the idea came to me…”Why not carve it into a basket?” The basket ended up taking 2 hours to complete. After carving the watermelon basket, I placed all of the additional fruit into it, placed it in the middle of a platter, and placed orange and lemon slices around it. It was my very first carving! I was so proud!

Shortly after my first carving, I was asked to prepare the fruit for a friend’s wedding. I agreed and received several positive responses from the event. In order to get more experience I began asking friends if they would like watermelons carved. An opportunity came when a co-worker was throwing her son’s first birthday. This was my opportunity to really get creative and try something new outside of carving watermelons, although I had such a strong desire in my heart to keep doing carvings. Before making this a business I wanted to see what else I could do. I decided to show her pictures of my previous fruit creations. I asked her if she would purchase the fruit and allow me to create something for the party. She agreed and informed me that the theme would be Elmo.

I sketched a design on paper and informed her that the picture is how I wanted the creation to look. She trusted me and had no worries. I carved 2 watermelons for the party. One watermelon carving had Elmo’s face on the front and the other had the child’s name on the front. In addition to the carvings, I made two trays of chocolate covered strawberries and two pineapple halves. Each pineapple half had several “1’s” bursting out of the base that were created from pineapples. The entire process took 10 hours to complete. I can recall being very nervous awaiting the family’s reaction…THEY LOVED IT!!! I received three orders from the party. To God be the glory! He allowed this gift to develop right before my eyes. This is when I decided to make this gift into a business and that’s how Majestic Fruit Creations began!

I started Majestic Fruit Creations in February of 2009. This has been a true gift from GOD.

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