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Written By: Melissa Booker
Founder and Owner of Majestic Fruit Creations, LLC


In May 2008, my friend’s brother graduated from high school and we decided to have a graduation party at my house for him. We discussed what type of food we would prepare as I volunteered to prepare the fruit. I recall sitting at my kitchen table, staring at the different types of fruits that I purchased such as-watermelon, grapes, strawberries, lemons, and oranges, asking myself “What can I do with this?” Suddenly, the idea came to me. “Why not carve this watermelon into a basket?” The watermelon basket took every bit of two hours to complete. Once I was done with the watermelon carving I added the other fruits that I purchased to go inside of the watermelon sculpture. Placing the watermelon in the middle of the large platter, then lining oranges and lemon slices for decoration. It was my first carving and I was excited and proud of myself.

I never thought of doing anything like this, but God led me into this gift, and it is truly rewarding and beautiful.

Shortly after my first carving, I was asked to prepare another carving for a friend’s wedding. I agreed and received positive responses from that event. To gain more experience, I began asking different friends if I could prepare their fruits for their events. An opportunity came when a colleague was having a party for her son’s first birthday. This was the beginning of a great opportunity to get creative and try something new beside carving watermelons. Although I had the desire to keep carving my favorite fruit I felt the desire to do more experimenting. I asked her if she would purchase the fruit and allow me to create something special for her son’s party. She agreed and informed me the theme would be Elmo.

I sketched a design on paper and showed my colleague the vision I created seeking her approval. My vision was to carve two watermelons, one carving featured Elmo’s face on the front and the other watermelon included the child’s name n the front. In addition to the carvings, I also made my first two trays of chocolate-covered strawberries, and two creative pineapple designs, each pineapple was custom shaped like the number “1” and placed on a shish kebab skewer. The entire process took ten hours to complete. I can recall being very nervous awaiting the family’s reaction. SUCCESS, THEY LOVED IT! I received three more orders from that party.

To God be the glory! He allowed the gift to develop right before my eyes. This is when I decided to turn this gift into a business and that’s how Majestic Fruit Creations began.

I started Majestic Fruit Creations in February of 2009. This has been a true gift from God.

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